Who will win: Singers or Dancers? Join Jeneration J in a fund raising competition! Team Dancers

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Team Dancers

Team Dancers

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Team Singers

Team Singers

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Team Dancers

for Jeneration J

Dancers rock it and will beat singers in fundraising competition for Jeneration J
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Team Singers

for Jeneration J

Singers know how to belt it and will soundly defeat Team Dancers in fundraising competition for Jeneration J
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Team Dancers

Dancers leap into the lead in a fundraising competition against singers for Jeneration J

This is a challenge unlike any other. Singers versus dancers, all competing to raise money for Jeneration J, a non-profit community outreach that operates as part of Jenesse.org, the largest and oldest domestic violence prevention and aid program in South Los Angeles. Tens of thousands of rising youth have accessed our programs through education, training, workshops and counseling to chose healthy alternatives in relationships. We celebrate their vision through song and dance in this unique fundraising competition. Please help us with your generous donations. But beyond that, we invite YOU to either lip-sync, perform or dance your best cover of their theme song Raise Your Voice For Peace, record it on your smartphone, upload it under the team of your choice in the challenge and donate, share and challenge others to do the same! 

raised $9,770.00
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Team Dancers have the right moves to beat Team Singers in a competition to raise money for Jeneration J!

Get out your smartphone and record you busting your best moves to the song Raise Your Voice For Peace and capture a minute or so on film. Then do the following:

(1) upload it on the blue "participate" button right here and in a few minutes your video is available for everyone to see. Put a cool title on it!

(2) donate on your own video to get off the "hot seat" 

(3) share your page on social media with all your friends and followers and challenge them to donate on your video and participate by making and sharing their own video!

Top donor uploads qualify to win prizes in the swag bag above, and there will be "people's choice" awards given by our judges.


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