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Doctor Fix-It

Doctor Fix-It

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Parents & Caregivers

Parents & Caregivers

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3rd Place
Josiah & Angela Trowbridge

Josiah & Angela Trowbridge

$4,983.49 raised
Scott & Briget Russomanno

Scott & Briget Russomanno

$3,690.00 raised
Volunteer Leaders

Volunteer Leaders

$3,575.00 raised
Nicole Tooley

Nicole Tooley

$2,925.00 raised
Terrance & Julie Doyle

Terrance & Julie Doyle

$2,500.00 raised
Peter  & Casey Tebow

Peter & Casey Tebow

$1,360.00 raised
Andrei Stringfellow

Andrei Stringfellow

$1,250.00 raised
Kermit & Robin Peterson

Kermit & Robin Peterson

$1,000.00 raised
Sophia Mendoza

Sophia Mendoza

$777.00 raised
Shane & Bree Wolfe

Shane & Bree Wolfe

$515.00 raised
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Volunteer Leaders

Let's score big for these All-Stars!!

All-Stars Club provides first class respite events for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. While our All-Stars are enjoying a night of fun, friends and faith, their parents and caregivers experience 3-hours of critical rest. At the All-Stars Club, guests enjoy the company of a 1on1 volunteer buddy to engage in sports, karaoke, crafts, and other fun activities. All-Stars Club works in partnership with local churches to not only host these events, but to also educate their members of the daily challenges these families face and the opportunity we as the faith community have to impact their lives. Please join me in support for this ministry as they continue to pioneer life-changing opportunities that engage the church and community volunteers with these amazing All-Stars and their families! 

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